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Time of Music Festival searches for the union of body, space and technology

Time of Music Festival, organized on July 3-9 in Viitasaari, Finland, presents works and artists dealing with hybrid arts and challenging the traditional idea of an artwork. Festival of contemporary music lead by composer Johan Tallgren focuses on the change in the roles of an audience, a performer and a composer / author that is… Read more »

Summer Academy courses at Viitasaari Time of Music Festival 3.-9.7. open for applications

Time of Music Festival (Viitasaari, Finland) offers in the summer 2018 interesting opportunities to study contemporary music. We welcome all interested music students and young professionals, both composers and musicians to deepen their knowledge of the classics of contemporary music and enhance their skills in composition and improvisation. Composer course is taught by the prize-winning… Read more »

Autonomy, politics and gestures at Time of Music

Time of Music festival´s (Viitasaari, Finland) theme was art & autonomy. Both the discussions and the artistic programme tackled questions such as: What is the role, value and appreciation of art in our world? How does digitality affect the autonomy of arts? Festival´s guest composer was James Dillon. Dillon has been associated with the new… Read more »

Time of Music concert programme out now

Time of Music Festival at Viitasaari, Finland presents James Dillon as guest composer, world premieres from young Finnish composers Sebastian Hilli and Jouni Hirvelä and contemporary music masterworks never before performed in Finland. Time of Music is the yearly lookout to contemporary music that includes summer academy courses and a cutting edge festival programme. The… Read more »

Time of Music Festival theme in 2017 is Art & Autonomy

The upcoming edition of Time of Music Festival (Viitasaari, Finland) will focus on the theme of Art & Autonomy. Though the theme resonates with centenary celebration of Finland’s independence this year, it is a universal theme addressed by international speakers and performers. Both the discussions and the artistic programme tackle questions such as: What is… Read more »

Musical Collisions and Radical Creativity with teacher Mark Applebaum

Musical Collisions and Radical Creativity course invites composers, performers, and composer-performers to examine the margins of musical culture in search of nonconformist, maverick, and eccentric creative impulses that radically expand the definition of art. Course topics include ritual in performance; the boundaries of musical indeterminacy; the ephemerality of silence; polyartists and dilettantes; the opportunities and… Read more »

Time of Music Summer Academy presents Susanna Mälkki and James Dillon

Time of Music Festival offers in the summer 2017 a unique opportunity to study conducting with Susanna Mälkki. Chief Conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Principal Guest Conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic will tutor a rare masterclass for young conductors. Participating conductors work with an ensemble consisting of IEMA (International Ensemble Modern Academy)… Read more »

Patiparn Jaikampan wins the Rautavaara Competition

Patiparn Jaikampan has won the Einojuhani Rautavaara Chamber Choir Composition Competition. The prize consists of a cash prize of 7000 euros plus a commission to write a work for the Helsinki Chamber Choir, worth 4000 euros. The members of the jury were Mauricio Sotelo, Cornelia Bend, Kaspars Putniņš and Johan Tallgren. The audience also voted… Read more »

The world’s most intriguing family of instruments to Viitasaari Time of Music

One of the world’s leading contemporary music ensembles, Ensemble Musikfabrik, brings to Time of Music Festival its ambitious ”Pitch 43_tuning the cosmos” project with reconstructed Harry Partch –instruments. Californian composer, theorist, visionary and instrument-builder Harry Partch (1901-1974) developed a highly complex tuning system that divides the octave into 43 pitches. To play his music, Partch… Read more »