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Time of Music Summer Academy 2021

Send your registration latest 16th May 2021. Find the registration form and instructions here.

Rebellion for Sale – Performing arts laboratory for interdisciplinary artistic cooperation with Brigitta Muntendorf and Michael Höppner 6.-11.7.2021.

NOTICE! This course is intended not only for composers and musicians – also artists and performers from all other fields of arts and technologies are welcome!

Further information and registration

Contemporary Chamber Music – contemporary music for chamber ensembles with Eriikka Maalismaa (violin), Markus Hohti (cello), Emil Holmström (piano) and Petri Kumela (guitar) 6.-11.7.2021.

Further information and registration

Due to the current global Corona virus situation, the Summer Academy courses and festival for 2020 were canceled . For summer 2021 the re-applicants from 2020 will have priority access to the courses.