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Nagori Rengakai (2021) Videos

Tuesday July 6, 2021 · WINTER

In the video:
Freezing seas at night
Traversed by icy currents
Lit by a lone moon.

1) Berlin Winter Morning
2) Viitasaari Winter Nagori

This icicle harp
Played by invisible hands
Clinks splinteringly.

3) Viitasaari Winter Morning
4) Berlin Winter Nagori

Recording from the Livestream
5) Winter Nagori Improvisation

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 · SPRING

In the video:
Building a new nest
Depends on the right moment.
Yesterday perhaps?

1) Berlin Spring Morning
2) Viitasaari Spring Nagori

A cherry branch explodes
with scent, in white, with insects
seduced by promise.

3) Viitasaari Spring Morning
4) Berlin Spring Nagori

Recording from the Livestream
5) Spring Nagori Improv

Thursday, July 8, 2021 · FALL

In the video:
Erratic water
Drops sprayed from these azure skies
Punctuate our grief

1) Berlin Fall Morning
2) Viitasaari Fall Nagori

Lake of cool repose
Ringed by reddish foliage
Elsewhere, forests burn.

3) Viitasaari Fall Morning
4) Berlin Fall Nagori

Recordings from the Livestream
5) Fall Nagori Improv 1
6 Fall Nagori Improv 2

Friday July 9, 2021 · SUMMER

In the video:
Poem Summer
1) Berlin Summer Morning
2) Viitasaari Summer Nagori
Morning cicadas
Their shimmering racket sounds
The wild day ahead
3) Viitasaari Summer Morning
4) Berlin Summer Nagori
Recordings from the Livestream
5) Summer Nagori Improv

Saturday July 10, 2021 · Concert: Nagori Rengakai

In the video:
The concert of Nagori Rengakai sums up the results of previous days.

A comprovisation for two ensembles in different locations (2021)

Tue 6.7.2021 18.00-19.00 Online recording
Wed 7.7.2021 18.00-19.00 Online recording
Thu 8.7.2021 18.00-19.00 Online recording
Fri 9.7.2021 18.00-19.00 Online recording
Sat 10.7.2021 18.00-19.00 Nagori concert online

Ensemble Extrakte & Tölöläb
Sandeep Bhagwati, artistic/musical direction

Gregor Schulenburg, flute, duduk, kyotaku
Wu Wei, sheng, erhu
Ravi Srinivasan, indian vocals, whistling, tabla, percussions
Gebrüder Teichmann (Andreas Teichmann & Hannes Teichmann), live-electronics
Musical co-direction in Berlin: Andreas Teichmann and/or Gregor Schulenburg

Hanna Grzeskiewicz, Management
Tom Wills, Streaming and Video
Nico Daleman, Audio

Deniza Popova, Bulgarian vocals
Klaus Janek, double bass
Taavi Oramo, vocals, clarinets, electronics
Turkka Inkilä, flutes
Antti Salovaara, bassoon

Valtteri Mustalahti, sound & video
Musical co-direction in Viitasaari: Sandeep Bhagwati & Taavi Oramo

Article: Nagori Rengakai 名残 連歌会 – Memory Linkage Sessions
Stream on Time of Music’s YouTube Channel.

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