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Year: 2022

Time of Music’s anniversary festival fulfilled all the expectations

After two exceptional years, the Finnish contemporary music festival Time of Music offered the latest works of contemporary music on its own terms. The festival’s 40th anniversary program opened with the world premiere of Mark Applebaum’s longest work to date.The one hour-long Venture Capital Punishment was performed by New York-based Talea Ensemble. Evoking both excitement and positive confusion, the concert was… Read more »

Time of Music’s 40th anniversary video now on YouTube

Interviews made at Time of Music in 2021 about the coming 40th anniversary festival. Discussing Artistic Director Johan Tallgren, cellist Markus Hohti, former employee Jari Hoffrén, Mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen, and the founder of Time of Music Timo Kinnunen. Video by: Kim Saarinen.

Major international works on the diversity of life

The diversity of nature, humanity, and history opens up in Time of Music’s 40th anniversary programme. ”Compared to last year’s emphasis on smaller scale works, this year we will hear larger compositions performed by international ensembles”, festival’s artistic director Johan Tallgren reveals. Building on the theme Mundi Novi – New Worlds, the largest programme in… Read more »

Time of Music’s 40th anniversary charts new musical worlds

Image and space are vividly present in Time of Music’s 40th anniversary program. Titled MUNDI NOVI – NEW WORLDS, this year’s festival provides numerous international premieres and interdisciplinary art collaborations.   The opening concert of the festival presents the world premiere of Mark Applebaum’s composition Venture Capital Punishment. Known for his theatrical and crossboundary works, Applebaum’s multifaceted and one-hour long composition is performed by New… Read more »

Contemporary accordion course, 5-11th July 2022, taught by Andreas Borregaard

Through an extensive career as soloist and chamber musician, Andreas Borregaard communicates the accordion’s fascinating qualities and palette of expressions to a wide audience. Collaborating with composers from all over Europe, he is actively influencing the development of this young instrument’s use and repertoire – and pushing the boundaries of the performer’s involvement on stage.… Read more »

Composed Theater Collaboratory, 5-11th July 2022, taught by Mark Applebaum

Composed Theatre Collaboratory – Course description The Time of Music 2022 Composed Theater Collaboratory invites participants to work as polyartists in a performative space of intersecting artistic disciplines, and to create a large-scale work together. Composers, improvisers, performers, and composer-performers — as well as artists working in any media (dancers and choreographers, actors, visual artists,… Read more »

Time of Music 40th anniversary

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Time of Music festival and Summer Academy. In July 2022 we will celebrate from 5th to 11th July with a longer festival than normally and with an exceptionally rich festival program.  The summer academy 2022 to be held during the festival will include a total of four… Read more »

Summer Academy 2022 composition course taught by Mauro Lanza, 5-11th of July, 2022

Venice born and  educated  Mauro Lanza is an experimenter in the broadest sense of the term. He blends classical music lineups with avant-garde instrumentation that includes synthesizers, noise-makers and various toy instruments. For Lanza composition is continuous feedback between the reality of sound (and the reality of the objects that produce the sounds) and the… Read more »