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Speech program

Free entry to all events

Tuesday 5th July | 2 pm

Viitasaari bus station

Opening of Listen to my World installation, with guests Claudia Molitor and Pauliina Näsänen.

Tuesday 5th July | 4.30–6 pm

Viitasaari city hall

Anniversary seminar, organised by city of Viitasaari. Seminar is in Finnish.

Friday 8th July | 3 pm

School center

Vigdís Jakobsdóttir, Du Yun, and Julia Gerlach discussing with Johan Tallgren on curation and diversity in the new music field today. Discussion is in English.

Monday 11th July | 7 pm

School center

Mauro Lanza, Andrea Valle and Johan Tallgren discussing the cycle Systema Naturae and its origins. Discussion is in English.

TIME OF MUSIC EXHIBITION – Meet the makers of Time of Music from past years

Viitasaari library

Discussions in Finnish

Thursday 7th July | 3.30

Liisamaija Hautsalo, Associate professor

Saturday 9th July | 1 pm

Minna Huuskonen, festival secretary 1985–1994, executive director 2008–2012

Saturday 9th July | 1 pm

Timo Kinnunen, founder of Time of Music

Sunday 10th July | 1pm

Kaisa Hautsalo-Perälä, with Time of Music for 40 years

Sunday 10th July | 4 pm

Jyrki Kemppainen, road manager