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Sound Theatre

Friday 8th July 7pm

Viitasaari church 

Tickets 30/22€

While Luigi Nono’s string quartet Fragmente is inspired by Friedrich Hölderlin’s poetry, Israeli American composer Chaya Czernow’s vocal piece Immaterial is influenced by renaissance madrigals. Both compositions conceive the role of lyrics in classical music in an original way.

Quartetto Maurice*

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart 


Luigi Nono: Fragmente – Stille, An Diotima for string quartet*

Chaya Czernowin: Immaterial

Part I: A Book of Madrigals and Intermezzos


Madrigal I 

A book of Madrigals and Intermezzos 

Intermezzo I 

Madrigal II

Intermezzo II 

Madrigal III

Intermezzo III 


Part II: Sound Theatre