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Remembering history

Wednesday 7.7. at 20:00 Viitasaari Areena
25/15 €

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Several of the concert’s works highlight the importance of remembering between good and evil between the lines. In the early years of Time of Music, Erik Bergman‘s music was often heard on Viitasaari. He was one of the first composers in Finland who was genuinely interested in Oriental cultures. Fujikura, Yokoyama and Ung have settled in the West and create interaction between cultures.

Uusinta Ensemble:
Malla Vivolin, flute
Helmi Malmgren, clarinet
Anna-Sofia Anttonen, saxophone
Sonja Fräki, piano
Petteri Kippo, percussions
Jerry Piipponen, percussions
Maria Puusaari, violin
Aleksi Kotila, violin
Max Savikangas, viola
Iida-Vilhelmiina Sinivalo, cello
József Hárs, director.

Daji Fujikura: Poison mushroom
Mioko Yokoyama: There are always flowers (2021) First performanceErik Bergman: Mana
Jukka Koskinen: Ad Infinitum
Brigitta Muntendorf: Shivers of Speed (2013)
Chinary Ung: Oracle

The concert will be broadcasted by YLE.