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Opening Concert – Venture Capital Punishment

Tue 5th July 7pm

Viitasaari Arena

Tickets 30/22€

The world premiere of Mark Applebaum’s major work. Performed by Talea Ensemble.

Talea Ensemble

Barry Crawford, flute

Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet

David Friend, piano

Mike Truesdell, percussions

Emilie-Anne Gendron, violin

Carrie Frey, viola

Chris Gross, cello

James Baker, conductor

Caitlin Cawley, production 

Timo Kurkikangas, electronics

Mark Applebaum: Venture Capital Punishment – Pre-Apocalyptic Etudes (a.k.a Rites of a Moribund Tribe) (world premiere)


  Transition A: I > II

II. Mantra Rites 

 Transition B: II > III

III. Janus Rites 

 Transition C: III >IV

IV. Inflorescence Rites 

 Transition D: IV > V

V.  Beta Rites

 Transition E: V > VI

VI. Third Rites 

 Transition F: VI > VII

VII. Accretion Rites 

 Transition G: VII >VIII

VIII. Syncresis Rites 

Transition H: VIII > IX

IX. QWERTY Reprise


Mark Applebaum’s Venture Capital Punishment was commissioned by the Talea Ensemble with support from a grant from New Music USA. The engagement is also supported by Mid Atlantic Arts through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Mellon Foundation.