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Involutionary memories

Thursday 8.7. at 20:00 Viitasaari Areena
22/12 €

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The involutionary memory techniques of Marcel Proust have influenced numerous writers and composers such as Gerard Pesson and Bernard Lang. Next to these works, the musicians of the Tristero Piano Trio will premiere three chamber works composed in Finland.

Tristero piano trio
Eriikka Maalismaa, violin
Markus Hohti, cello
Emil Holmström, piano

Gerard Pesson: Bruissant divisé , hommage a Vinteuil (1998)
Kimmo Kuokkala: “hauraskidelaskeuma” (2021) First performance
Minna Leinonen: Toinen peili, First performance
Mioko Yokoyama: Kinesis (2019) First performance
Bernard Lang: Monadologie XX…for Franz I“ nach Schubert op. 100 (2012)

The concert will be broadcasted by YLE.

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