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Installation: Memorial of Rebellion

Brigitta Muntendorf & Michael Höppner: Memorial of Rebellion
Installation, Old School

10 €

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The interdisciplinary duo Brigitta Muntendorf and Michael Höppner present their new audiovisual installation “Memorial of Rebellion” which reflects memories and commemorations as well as pandemic reality.  The installation creates a comparatively intimate situation in which two visitors at a time take a journey into their personal mementos. At the same time it is a ceremonial journey into a space, in which an individual commemoration of their very own neglected or failed rebellions could take place.

Only two persons may enter the installation at the same time. The duration of performance is about 20 minutes. The performances start every 15 minutes. Audience is advised to book the ticket in advance and arrive the venue 5 minute before the showtime. Installation is in English.

PERFORMANCES (every 15 minutes):
Tue 6.7. at 14.00–16.30 and 17.00–19.30
Wed 7.7. at 14.00–16.30 and 17.00–19.30
Thu 8.7. at 14.00–16.30 and 17.00–19.30
Fri 9.7. at 14.00–16.30 and 17.00–19.30