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Exhibition: The always topical John Cage

July 4-28 2023

Viitasaari Library

Free entry

Open from 4th to 28th of July according to the library’s service hours from Monday to Friday 12.00–4.00 pm; closed on Saturday & Sunday. During the festival, the exhibition is open also on Sunday 9th of July 3.00–5.00 pm.

It is already 40 years since John Cage made his legendary visit to Time of Music. The exhibition, which will be organized in collaboration with Viitasaari-Seura, will feature Cage-related photos by the Viitasaari-based photographer Mauri Kuokkanen.

On Sunday 9th of July at 4.00 pm at the Library, there will be a discussion on Cage’s visit. Where you present when John Cage visited Viitasaari? What does Cage’s music mean for you?
Join in on talking about Cage, both his visit and his music. Discussion in Finnish and English with Kristiina Penttinen, executive director of Time of Music. Welcome!

John Cage Viitasaaren Musiikin ajassa 1983 Mauri Kuokkasen kuvaamana. Mustavalkokuvassa Cage istuu nojatuolissa ja nauraa leveästi.