Time of music – Musiikin aika

Welcome to 35th Time of Music Festival on July 5-10, 2016!

One of the world’s leading contemporary music ensembles, Ensemble Musikfabrik, brings to Time of Music Festival its ambitious ”Pitch 43_tuning the cosmos” project with reconstructed Harry Partch –instruments. Read more about the project from the news.

The full programme of Time of Music Festival (5.-10.7.) will be published in May. The theme of the festival is “Heritage”, real and imaginary cultural traditions and influences in music. The guest composer is Mauricio Sotelo, whose music has been influenced by flamenco and Spanish singing traditions. The final concert of Einojuhani Rautavaara Chamber choir composition competition will be heard on the 6th July at Viitasaari Church.

Time of Music (Musiikin aika) Festival is organized in the beginning of July every year in Viitasaari, Central Finland. Time of Music focuses on cutting-edge contemporary music, and hosts the most important composers and artists of the field yearly, gaining an international reputation as a courageous, border-breaking and innovative event. Time of Music offers summer academy courses and workshops and because of that it is an important meeting point for music professionals and students from both Finland and abroad. The festival contains not only concerts but meetings and lectures plus presentations.

Next festival July 4-9, 2017. WELCOME!