Registration for Time of Music Summer Academy 2019

Please note! Fill in all spaces. If you do not have an instrument, write "none" in the space. Obey the maximum sizes given to attachments or link them via dropbox in the links. The form will tell you whether it has been sent successfully or if something is missing. You will receive in your mail a confirmation after submitting the application. Do not send application by email unless in an absolute emergency.
Please read conditions for registration and fill in:

I hereby register for the following course ( only one active participation ):

Chamber music course with Camilla HoitengaImprovisation course with John ButcherPassive student, all courses

Additionally, please select

I want to work on a new (acoustic) piece to be premiered during the courseI don’t want to work on a new piece during the course

Additionally, please select

I apply on my ownI apply as part of a collective

Please name your partner(s)/collective/ensemble:

Please note that every member of the collective has to fill in the registration form!


I heard about the Summer Academy courses from:

I agree to pay the following:

250 € for attending to chamber music course250 € for attending to improvisation course100 € for passive student fee180 € for dormitory accommodation in Viitasaari

For shared accommodation, I feel comfortable sharing my room with:

The fee will be invoiced after the confirmation of student place at each course. If you don’t receive the invoice by the end of April, please check you spam folder or contact the festival.

By registering, you agree the following:

I hereby agree that recordings and photos will be made during the academy by Time of Music (for documentation, homepage, press etc.).
I hereby agree that my email address will be made available to all Time of Music course participants 2019 and the tutors, and that recordings and photos can be shared within this group (for private use only!).
I hereby agree that the Time of Music newsletter will be sent to me in future if not unsubscribed.
I hereby agree to the conditions as stated at


  • ALL COURSES: Include your CV/resume or similar as an attachment (preferably pdf, doc, docx or rtf format) or link to your webpage.
  • COMPOSER COURSE: Registration for this course has ended on 17th of February, 2019.
  • CHAMBER MUSIC COURSE: Include a short written statement of ambitions for the workshop and a preliminary list of repertoire you would wish to work on. Your CV should include previous repertoire performed. Include also your teacher’s contact details as reference so that they can be contacted if needed. Include two examples of your work (performance in mp3 or mpg file) via Dropbox link or a link to an audio/video example that does not expire in next 3 months. Please note that you cannot include these examples / big files as an attachment.
  • IMPROVISATION COURSE: Include one example of your work (performance in mp3 or mpg file) via Dropbox link or a link to an audio/video example. Please note that you cannot include these examples / big files as an attachment! As an attachment include a short written statement of aesthetic direction and goals for the workshop and your performance teacher’s contact details so that they can be contacted if needed.
  • OBS ALL APPLICANTS! Please provide direct links to the works submitted. Links must be streamable. Do not provide links that will expire after any period of time.
  • CV
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    Motivation letter/Written statement:
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    Other attachments
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