Double bodies

Wednesday 4.7. at 16.00 Parish Hall

Tickets 22 / 12 €

Coming from a Chinese background, the Australian cosmopolite composer Liza Lim operates outside of tightly-defined compositional schools. She is known for the variety of her influences – ranging from shamanism to modern architectural theories – and for her elaborate solo works composed in tight collaboration with performing musicians. The English composer Tansy Davies has a background in French horn, electric guitar and as a vocalist. Like Lim, she has also been interested in shamanism, or “walking between two worlds”.  The brand-new Horn Song (2017) is composed for the double bell French horn of Christine Chapman. Brand new is also the double bell trumpet solo Glossomanie (2017) by the French composer Julien Jamet, who started out as a rock guitarist. The work was premiered last year at Cologne’s Acht Brücken festival by Marco Blaauw. The concert concludes with two interpretations of works by the American avant-garde legend Anthony Braxton, namely Composition No. 173 (1994) and Composition No. 103 (1983).

Marco Blaauw, double bell trumpet

Christine Chapman, double bell French horn

Melvyn Poore, double bell euphonium


Liza Lim: the green lion eats the sun 6′

Tansy Davies: horn song

Julien Jamet:Glossomanie 15′

Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 173

Anthony Braxton: Composition No. 103